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VSC's innovative training and development experiences are based on "The Masala Training Philosophy," which is predicated upon the belief that you "take what you have and create what you want." We teach you how to artfully blend your current human "spices" into the combinations of employees, members, and teams that you truly want and need in order to achieve your mission-critical goals. 


During our Training Experiences,  we will utilize our POWERed UP dynamic-engagement methodology:



Win-Win-Win Based 

Engaging & Energetic


Effective communication and team building within an organization or work environment is very important. We must invest the time and energy in creating a system of communicating with the people that we interact with on a professional basis. 


What's Your FLAVA?  provides you with the tools you need to improve communication within your  family, church, organization or business and leverage the differences. LEVERSITY.

We begin all VSC Team Building Experiences with this transformational component. This module will kick off the training experience, and will lay an effective communication foundation that will carry through the training experience.

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During ALL of our Training Experiences, Participants will:

1. Identify and gain insights into their FLAVA (Each participant will receive digital assessment prior to training.)
2. Participate in interactive team building activities that showcase the FLAVAs at work
3. Enhance effective communication and leadership skills through understanding the FLAVAs
4. Gain an understanding of leveraging FLAVA in relationships, organizational responsibilities, and effective management of talent.


  • Virtual Individual Experiences

    • New Year Resolutions – National Individual Webinar Experience 

    • Business Owners/ Organizational Leaders Experience

    • Ministers & Elders


  • Virtual Family Fun Camp

    • National Group 

    • Your Village

    • Exclusive Family Session


  • Virtual FLAVA Team Experiences

    • Congregations

      • Leadership

      • Membership

    • Organizations

    • Business/Educational Staff

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