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is your personality.

FLAVA® is another way of conceptualizing your personality. The word FLAVA® is just an acronym for Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions


The What’s Your FLAVA?® approach uses the metaphor of food to describe and explain four different personality types. It’s simple and fun! If you can understand food, you can understand the FLAVA® of your personality.


Our personalities affect the way we make decisions and the way we think. Our personalities even impact the way we prefer to work and influence the work styles that work best with us. Personalities certainly matter. In fact, work place conflicts cost U.S. companies $350 Million each year. The FLAVA system is designed to not only assess your personality but also provide you with a greater knowledge of yourself.  It will improve your performance through more effective communication.


Personality methodologies of the past have been highly technical, difficult to understand and BORING!  “What’s Your FLAVA?®” is just another way of saying, “what is the “flavor” of your personality?”    

​Once you know your personality or FLAVA® and are able to recognize the FLAVAs of others, that critical information can be applied to your communications within every practical, daily activity and relationship.   

​The What’s Your FLAVA? Communication SystemTM goes far beyond the scope of many of the previous personality indicators. The FLAVA® system is a part of the 5-step Success Process which does more than just identify your personality type, it also provides information and direction to accomplish your ultimate goals: 

1. Assessment & Identification 
​2. Personality-Work style Education & Review 
3. Strategic Planning & Goal Setting 
4. Implementation & Execution 
5. Evaluation, Feedback & Improvement  

The four FLAVA® personality types are SALTY, SPICY, MILD and TANGY. So, the question is, What’s Your FLAVA?® 

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