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a brand-new approach to solve an age-old problem

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Communication is the foundation of all human relationships.

  • Parents communicate with their children to train them for life's journey

  • ​​Executives communicate with their teams to achieve corporate objectives

  • ​Physicians communicate with their patients to perform proper diagnoses 

  • ​Teachers communicate with students to facilitate effective education plans 

  • ​Spouses communicate with one another to share feelings and expectations 

  • ​​YOU even communicate with yourself just to get through the day

Q: If communication is so essential and it is done so frequently, why then is it done so poorly, so often?
A: Although we communicate frequently, very rarely have we been trained to communicate effectively.

There are more than 7 billion people on  the planet, with different Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions or "FLAVAs". These personality differences can make effective communication very challenging. 


If you can understand your FLAVA, you can understand your personality, your work style and the FLAVAs of your family, friends, employees and teams. Yes, people have FLAVAs! But, so do tasks, teams and entire organizations. 

 "What's Your FLAVA Personality & Communication System" is a book for all individuals, families, teams and organizations who want to get better at what they do. In other words, for anyone who want to improve your performance in the big things and even the small things in your life this book is for you.

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